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Warts Removal Treatment in Chennai

Wart Removal in Chennai
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Nowadays due to busy schedules and daily chores in life, people almost neglect their health. When it comes to the external appearance of your outward beauty, skin is the major component of your body. Our skin is prone to various infections among all warts are common. Warts cause an unappealing appearance which makes the skin odd for looking at. For people who suffer from warts on their skin in Chennai city, then Soulskin Clinic is the right for offering wart removal in Chennai.

What are Warts?

Warts usually look like small, fleshy tiny bumps which happened on the skin or mucous membranes. It may be seen in any part of the body. It can be spread from one part to other parts of the body.

Type of Warts

Various types of warts appear on any body part, the type of warts can be treated by wart removal in Chennai. The Soulskin Clinic! Book the appointment now.

  • Common warts.
  • Plantar warts.
  • Flat warts.
  • Filiform warts.
  • Periungual warts.
  • Genital warts.

Cause of the Warts

Warts are appeared on the body due to viral infections. Human papillomavirus is the main factor causing warts on the body. They can appear on any body part due to many reasons:

  • With any Direct contact.
  • Having any sexual contact.
  • Sharing anyone’s towels.
  • Having any Casual skin contacts, etc.

How are Warts Diagnosed?

Having the correct diagnosis is very important for wart removal. Getting appropriate and perfect wart removal treatment is possible at Soulskin Clinic which is the best wart removal in Chennai. Here Dr. Charanya will check up and identify which type of wart this is, then she will give various diagnostic methods to confirm the presence of warts and determine their severity.

The methods used to diagnose wart removal in Chennai are:

  • Physical examination of warts.
  • Biopsy.
  • Laboratory tests.
  • Scuffling off the top layer to check up the symptoms such as clotted blood vessels, etc.
Wart Removal in Chennai | Soulskin Clinic

Various Treatments Options

As warts are viral infections so they respond to antibiotics or other medicine slowly. Warts treatment is done here at the center of wart removal in Chennai to stop the symptoms and immunize the body to fight off the infection. Warts can be removed both surgically and non-surgically methods. Warts start to vanish after a week.

Surgical treatment of Warts

Surgical treatment of warts is done here at the center of warts treatment in Chennai with immediate action removal of warts. With the help of electrosurgery and curettage, the warts are removed. It includes scrapping warts with the help of the sharp tool. Warts are detached from the body after or before electrosurgery. It is completely done seeing the type of warts and what the patients suffer from.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Warts

The non-surgical treatment is a painless process mostly chosen by the people here at the center of warts treatment in Chennai. It includes the methods: –

These processes remove warts after a couple of weeks. These are not immediate methods.


Warts can be prevented easily by following some easy ways. Those simple ways are: –

  • Do not have any direct contact.
  • Treating cuts and infections immediately.
  • Do not use the same objects that infected persons do.
  • Careful towards skincare.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle.


This blog is the ultimate guide for the wart removal treatment option, cost, prevention, where to avail for wart removal, and so on. When you are searching for the best warts treatment in Chennai, then Soulskin Clinic is the right place for you. Consult Dr. Charanya now!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

To get rid of warts may consider freezing or salicylic treatment to remove them. It is suggested before opting for any treatment like Cryotherapy can take a doctor’s consultation. If Cryotherapy may not work for a particular patient can go for laser therapy.

1. Especially those who are pregnant, likely to have allergies, and have an excessive risk of infection.
2. Also, those people are not able to tolerate the pain associated with these treatments.
3. Warts appear in very sensitive areas and may not be able to take the wart treatment areas like the skin near the eyes.

Warts can be removed permanently by opting for three or four treatments. Usually, one every two to three weeks sessions are undertaken at wart removal in Chennai. Apply salicylic acid to the heel of the skin quickly.

The price of the wart removal may vary as per the treatment option. It depends upon the treatment sittings usually wart removal can be availed at affordable prices. They have to come for several sittings for their wart removal at the center of wart removal in Chennai. After a couple of weeks, warts disappeared entirely.

It can’t be predicted that best the doctor here at Soulskin Clinic the best wart removal in Chennai looks into the type of warts and then give treatment options like Surgical and nonsurgical. However, the nonsurgical is best because it is a painless process.