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Cellutrix Injection

Cellutrix Injection

Cellutrix Injection in Chennai | Soul Skin Clinic

At Soul Skin Clinic, we use the most innovative form of mesotherapy in Chennai to treat cellulite. With the use of our vital injector, we treat patients by helping with the reduction in the appearance of cellulite in any area of the body.

Cellutrix injection in Chennai helps in improving micro-circulation and oxygen supply besides removing extra fat-absorbing fluid from the area. This gives a smoother appearance with reduced cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Fat cells in the subcutaneous layer will be arranged in chambers and surrounded by bands of connective tissue called septae. As there is an increase in the volume of fat cells, the surrounding septae will contract and harden besides disabling the cells to hold within the existing parameters. This leads the fat cells to push up against the skin’s surface.

As a result, dimpled skin appearance, also referred to as dimpled hips, ‘cottage-cheese’ thighs, and ‘orange peel skin’ occur that requires cellutrix injection in Chennai to get treated.

What is Cellulite Mesotherapy?

Cellutrix is a new treatment that is used to reduce the dimpling effects of cellulite.  This mesotherapy product will be injected into the skin with equal spacing wherever there is an appearance of cellulite. It contains two lipolyses (fat dissolving) factors with targeted vibrations to address the main factors of uneven skin texture on the dermal surface using a specific bio-revitalizing solution.

The product is an absorbable dermal implant that contains non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, added to a bio-stimulating solution, developed especially against cellulite. Cellutrix is a powerful tool used by medical practitioners during mesotherapy in Chennai to ensure the treatment is of high quality. Moreover, CE Class III injectable products are also used which are highly effective and safe.

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