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Dermal Infusion Silk Peel

Dermal Infusion Silk Peel

Dermal Infusion Silk Peel in Chennai | Soul Skin Clinic

At Soul Skin Clinic, we provide an innovative exfoliation treatment called silk peel dermal infusion. This clinic offers the best silk peel treatment in Chennai, which stimulates new collagen production by delivering a topical solution to the skin layer during the treatment. This procedure can help improve skin texture, tone, and overall appearance by exfoliating dead skin cells and promoting the growth of healthy new skin cells. 

Our experienced professionals carefully assess each client’s individual needs to provide a customized treatment plan to achieve the best results. It acts as a deepening silk peels facial procedure that gives awesome results to your skin helping to reduce skin issues like:

  1. Remove dead skin cells.
  2. Reduce pigmentation on the top layer of the skin. 
  3. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Who Can Opt for this Treatment?

For optimal results, it is recommended that you choose our trained cosmetic center in Chennai, where licensed aestheticians perform the Silk Peel treatment. The ideal candidate who can opt for this silk peel treatment in Chennai includes:

  1. Dry Skin
  2. Fine Lines
  3. Eczema
  4. Tactile roughness
  5. Acne
  6. Oily Skin
  7. Redness
  8. Hyperpigmentation (brown spots, freckles)
  9. Overexposure to the sun

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