Dermal Infusion Treatment in Chennai

Reasons to opt for Dermal-Infusion, Dermal Infusion Facial, Purpose of the Treatment and Procedure for Dermal Infusion Facial.

Dermal infusion treatment is a non-invasive method combined with the brand SilkPeel™ which is known as DiamondGlow™. Using this dermal Infusion therapy helps your skin to exfoliate, and extract.

Reasons to opt for Dermal-Infusion:

01. Your Aging Skin with Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

02. Dry, Dehydrated Skin.

03. Acne-Prone Skin.

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What is Dermal Infusion Facial?

Dermal Infusion facial is known as the most non-invasive cosmetic treatment that can enhance any dull type of skin. Exfoliation. Extraction. Infusion Processes.

Purpose of the Treatment:

Increase Subsequently in Fibroblast Activity and Collagen Production Without Trauma.

Solidify The Dermis (Where Skin Aging Occurs).

Lessen The Over-Production of Sebum.

Procedure for Dermal Infusion Facial:

As it is mentioned above the Dermal infusion treatment needs three vital procedures while doing the cosmetic treatment.


This is an initial part of the diamond glow Dermal Infusion treatment.  Here is a dermatologist in Chennai at Soul Skin Clinic who practices using a specialized diamond tip wand.


Our expert cleans up the other skin waste lying on your exfoliated skin.  Hence the second step involved removing dead skin from the skin’s surface.

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Finally, after the exfoliation and extraction, the infusion is a great option for applying appropriate serums that complete the whole skin treatment methods.


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Targeted Areas of Dermal Infusion Treatment:



Breasts (To Treat Stretch Marks).

Upper Chest.


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