Hair Transplantation

About Hair Transplantation, Type of hair transplant surgery, Procedure Details and Benefits of hair restoration.

A hair transplantation means removing hair from one place to another on your head, which can be done in various ways. The most popular and common method is grafting.

About Hair Transplantation:

A hair transplant is a surgery where hair is shifted to bald or thinning areas of the scalp.  This is also called hair restoration or hair replacement.

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Our dermatologist takes grafts, or same way a piece of skin, from areas of the body which contain healthy hair.

How does a hair transplant work?

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Alopecia Areata That Affects The Hair Follicles.

Traumatic Injuries Or Burns.


Thyroid Diseases.

Androgenic Alopecia.

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Candidates – who needs hair replacement?

01 You Are In Good Health.

02 Still Possesses Thick Hair Growth On Your Scalp.

03 Have Genuine Expectations About Hair Replacement Results.

How is grafting performed?

Hair grafting is the most common method at the best hair transplant clinic in Chennai. Here the expert cut a small piece of the scalp from healthy hair.

How is flap surgery performed?

If you have large bald areas near the front of your scalp then our expert suggests you have flap surgery.

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Risks of hair transplant surgery:




Excessive Blood Loss.

Allergic Reaction To Anesthesia.

Failed Grafts Or Flaps.

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Benefits of hair restoration include:

Fuller Head Of Hair With Lesser Bald Areas.

Improved Self-Esteem And Confidence.

Complete Hair Loss Solution.

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