Intimate Wellness

Intimate Wellness, Conditions, Treatments of Intimate Wellness, Pre-Procedure Instructions, Procedure and Post-Procedure Instructions.

Sexual wellness for women should be concentrated on because a woman entering menopause may experience negative changes in her body and health.

What is Intimate Wellness?

Intimate wellness and rejuvenation are wellness treatments that are designed to address intimate concerns and sexual dysfunction.


Maintaining the best health is not only essential for physical health but also mental health.  Getting professional sexual wellness treatment is equally important.

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Femi Lift (Intimate Feminine Rejuvenation)


Hormone Balancing

O-Shot / Orgasm Shot

G-Shot / G-Spot Amplification

Intimate Area Depigmentation (Derma Melan)

Pre-Procedure Instructions:



Eat nutritious and healthy foods.

Maintain good hydration by drinking plenty of water or fruit juices.

Shave the hair in the perineal area and also clean and wash it properly.


Normal gynecology exam or normal PAP smear should be done once a year.

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Postpone the appointment or treatment if you are on your period.

The treatment will take about 20-30 minutes.

Heat used in the sexual wellness treatment is uncomfortable.


Post-Procedure Instructions:

Have proper liquid foods and healthy foods.

Refrain from sexual intercourse at least for 3 days post-treatment.

Light physical exercises can be done.

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