Laser Skin Treatment in Chennai

The forefront of skin treatments is laser toning treatment. Procedure and precautions of Laser Skin Treatment.

Laser skin treatment in Chennai is performed to stimulate collagen production and boost the skin cells’ regenerative qualities such that new and healthier skin is formed making you look younger.

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What is Laser Toning Treatment?

Every individual is born with soft healthy skin.

Not just aging there are also other factors such as UV exposure, pollution, and hormonal changes.

Skin Conditions

* Acne scar * Blemishes or dark spots * Birthmarks * Sunspots * Wrinkles and fine lines * Freckles even if they are genetic * Post-inflammatory          hyperpigmentation * Dark circle

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01 As mentioned earlier, the cosmetologist will use a Q-switched laser to perform the procedure.

02 It helps the low energy to break down the pigments.

03 During this procedure, the broken melanin particles are absorbed by the bloodstream and eliminated from the body.


Should not be pregnant or indulge in breastfeeding

Should have a realistic expectation of this procedure

Preferably, he/she should remain in a good state of health

Before the Procedure

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If you are planning to take the laser toning treatment, remember that there is no specific pre-treatment. But it is better to avoid direct sun exposure as much as you can.

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After the Procedure

Preferably, try to avoid sun exposure even after this procedure.

You can use a broad spectrum 30 SPF sunscreen on the treated areas every two hours as the skin doctor suggests.

Recovery Time


There is no particular recuperation time after getting the laser skin treatment in Chennai.



Patients can resume their typical exercises just after the treatment but they have to take at least 4-6 sessions of the treatment procedure to see better results.

Delivers a youthful radiance to the skin.

Keeps the skin brighter, tighter, and firmer.

Helps in producing new collagen.

Aids in reducing uneven coloration in your face.






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