Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Chennai

You can feel weird, one morning when you wake up and look in the mirror, you found a little brown patch across your forehead and dotted around your face.

Pigmentation is a form of skin disorder that occurs when the body generates excessive melanin that leads to hyperpigmentation, resulting in darker patches of skin.

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Know About Pigmentation

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What Causes Pigmentation?

* Sun Exposure * Genetics * Change In Hormones * Birthmarks * Damage To The Skin * Medical Conditions * Medications

* Tan * Melasma * Freckles * Post Inflammatory  Hyperpigmentation * Peri Orbital Pigmentation * Peri Oral Pigmentation

Types Of Skin Pigmentation Concerns

The First Benefit Of Laser Treatment Is That It Is Very Accurate, Which Means Never Causes Any Damage To The Surrounding Tissue.

What benefits of Laser Skin Treatments?

Here The Expert Focuses On The Target Point By Giving A Small Scar Without Affecting The Surrounding Area.

Laser treatment for pigmentation in Chennai here at Soul Skin Clinic is done very carefully under strict supervision by our experienced doctors.



2 weeks before treatment:


Never Get To Use Direct Sun And Use SPF 50+ Sunscreen.

1 week before treatment:

Never intake prescription topical Vitamin A or Hydroquinone

Make Use Of Your Aftercare Pack, As Prescribed By Our Therapist.

Never Exposed To The Sun For 7 Days And Use SPF 50+ Before Going Outside.

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Never Try To Do Any Strenuous Exercise Including Saunas, Spas, And Steam Rooms Within The First 1-2 Days.

Never Use Direct Heat (Including Hair Dryers And Very Hot Showers) Within The First 1-2 Days.


There are generally no long-term side effects of laser skin care treatment here at Soul Skin Clinic, the best laser treatment for pigmentation in Chennai.


The laser treatment for pigmentation cost in Chennai varies depending upon wide factors like the type and intensity of the treatment, the number of sittings, and the extent of the problem.

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