Mesolipolysis Treatment in Chennai

Now stubborn fat decomposition in various parts of the body has become more concern because later on, it can create adverse effects on our health.

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To get rid of these stubborn fat issues in our bodies, the mesolipolysis treatment is the best option. We, at soul skin clinic, offer you all a cost-affordable mesolipolysis treatment in Chennai.

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Meso-lipolysis is a quite simple less invasive procedure that includes a series of small injections of fat-melting solutions into the subcutaneous tissue.

About mesolipolysis treatment

Targeted Areas

* Double chin * Cheeks * Neck * Inner and outer thighs * Buttocks * Arms * Abdomen * Fat lumped on shoulders, arms, joints, and back

- Great for Contours body & better for providing a shapely figure. - Improves the looks of skin and reduces cellulite. - More affordable than other surgical options.


* Body Contouring * Cellulite * Fat / Weight Loss

Problems Need To Be Treated

The Mesolipolysis ingredients tend to make fat liquefy, dissolve, and be eliminated from the body by the biological process called acute vacuolization of adipocytes.


How does It work?

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As our clinic has experienced practitioners and we are a  well-established medical clinic in Chennai performs mesolipolysis treatment.


Precautions For Doing Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection

Our treatments are safe enough performed in a proper clinical setting. Our expert offers the best-to-best treatment solutions so you can easily bid goodbye to your extra fat.

Side Effects

No downtime for mesolipolysis treatment. Patients can resume their work and normal activities immediately after the procedure.


Is the treatment painful?

Our doctors are cautious and thorough while offering mesolipolysis treatment in Chennai. You may feel little poking pain when the needle pricks sensation during the procedure.

* Treatments are given in 3 – 4 sessions at 2 – 3 weekly for at least 6 treatments. * When the desired results are achieved then stay strictly with dietary and lifestyle modifications.



You may feel a little uncomfortable after the mesolipolysis treatment and may experience itching, swelling, and redness. That can goes away after a few days.

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