Micro Blading

Procedure, Things to Follow Before Micro Blading, Things to Follow After Microblading and Touch-Ups.

Micro blading is also known as semi-permanent medical eyebrows which are categorized under semi-permanent cosmetics.  The procedure of micro blading in Chennai helps in giving desired illusion.

These include superficial pigmentation which can be caused by sun damage and mild sun tan, frictional pigmentation which is caused due to deep pigmentation, and constant rubbing.


Our dermatologist Dr. Charanya will do a detailed consultation, and examine your eyebrows besides counseling you about microblading.

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A new structural outline of the eyebrow is created by keeping in mind the aesthetic ratios of the face with a temporary marker.

Additional pigment will also be applied for the strokes to set well.



Local topical anesthesia will be applied during the microblading in Chennai to reduce the pain.

Final touch-up will be given to the brows after the microblading in Chennai.

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Things to Follow Before Micro Blading:

Getting a sunburn or tan just before taking the micro blading is strictly avoided.

Avoid waxing or tinting for a few days before the micro blading procedure.

Things to Follow After Microblading:

It is good to apply an ointment or medicated cream on the brow region, as advised by the doctor.

Avoid wearing makeup for a week.


The results after the microblading in Chennai would last one to two years.  Many factors would affect the longevity of micro-bladed eyebrows, like age etc..,

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Natural-looking, well-shaped, arched eyebrows as per your satisfaction.

Painless treatment procedure because the doctor will use a strong numbing cream.

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