Plexr Pen

Plexr plasma pen, Targeted body part where this plexr plasma pen used, Treatment, Procedure and Benefits of Plexr Plus.

The beauty lies in your face reconstruction first then others! If your face is beautiful you are admired by everyone with a WOW! appearance.

What is a plexr plasma pen?

The Plexr Plasma Pen is an instrument that introduces a plasma arc to remove tiny zones of skin and enhance the skin for tightening around the skin.

Targeted body part where this plexr plasma pen used:

Plexr Plus plasma device is for plasma skin tightening option.

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Face (Including Eyelid, Eyebrows, Cheeks, And Mouth Area)


Arm And Hands



Legs And Knees



01 Loose Or Sagging Skin.

02 Upper And Lower Eyelid.

03 Skin Tags, Moles, Blemishes, And Hemangiomas.

04 Stretchmarks.

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Before care procedure:

This numbing cream is applied before the procedure so it can give a pain reliever to the patient while the plasma skin tightening Plexr Plus treatment is undertaken.

How Does Plexr Plus Work?

As age grows, the dermal layer –  When our ages grow the excessive production of collagen gets reduced resulting to forms skin loosening, wrinkles, and sagging.

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Results Are Seen After The Treatment Immediately.

The Final Results Are Visible After A Few Weeks Of The Procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Plexr Plus?





Eliminates Moles, Sun Spots, Skin Tags, And Other Blemishes

Remove Stretch Marks

Identify The Jawline

Lifts The Face And Neck

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If You Are Pregnant. Have Very Dark Skin With Pale Spots (Hypopigmentation) Or Post-Inflammatory Dark Spots (Hyperpigmentation).

Can’t perform this Plexr Plus treatment:

Side Effects:

Carbon Crust Takes From 4 To 10 Days To Disappear.

Eyelids Or Any Parts Of The Procedure Undertaken Swell Temporarily, But Fade Away Within 48-72 Hours.

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