Scalp Detox

Scalp Detox, About Scalp Detox, Benefits of Scalp Detoxing, In-Salon Treatments and Care taken after the treatment.

When your scalp feels dry and itchy or even if your hair has loosened its texture then it is time to need to have a scalp detox.

About Scalp Detox:

Scalp “detox” is a technique of massaging the scalp through brushing or using an exfoliating scrub, which helps to get rid of dead skin cells, unclog the pores on your scalp.

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A Scalp Detox Boosts Healthy Hair Growth.

Scalp Detox Shampoos Can Help To Make The Hair Shinier And Also Improve Its Luster.

Benefits of Scalp Detoxing:

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Irritation On Your Scalp

Pain In Your Scalp


Candidate – Who Needs Scalp Detox?

Hair Fall

High Environmental Toxins In Your Area.

In-Salon Treatments:

We offer the best Scalp Detox treatment in Chennai to our clients while steaming up the scalp, we try to resurface all scalp issues like dandruff, hair fall.


Our expert will assess our client’s scalp first to identify the exact cause. Seeing the issues then our expert uses the two ingredients as salicylic acid or bentonite clay treatment.

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Can’ do this Scalp Detox treatment:

01 Patients Who Have Sensitive Skin.

02 Those Who Have Sores Or Symptoms Of Itching, Or Burning Sensation.

03 Our experts use a few more natural ingredients.

Care taken after the treatment:




Use Hair Sunscreen

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals Containing Bleaching.

Avoid Using For A While Of Heat-Based Tools

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