Scar Removal Treatment in Chennai

Scar Removal Treatment, Different types of scars, Treatment, Non-surgical options and Surgical Scar Revision.

At Soulskin Clinic, we offer a full-fledged scar removal treatment in Chennai for all types of medical and cosmetic reasons including non-surgical and surgical options.

Our experience plastic surgeons identify, treat, and manage all types of scars, from minor fine-line scars to more acute ones.  You will get better and positive results.

What is Scar?

A scar can happen due to many reasons like infections, surgery, injuries, or inflammation of the tissue.  A scar can be healed in natural ways by replacing lost or damaged skin.

What are scars treatments?

Scars treatment has a wide range of therapies opting for this scar removal treatment in Chennai, can make your scar less visible.

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Normal fine-line scars

Keloid scars

Scar contractures

Hypertrophic scars

Pitted or sunken scars

What are the different types of scars?


The best scar removal treatment will be recommended to you by one of our esteemed experienced plastic surgeons to offer Scar removal treatment in Chennai.

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Non-surgical options:

01 Regular Steroid Injections.

02 Silicone or Steroid-based Creams.

03 Moisturizing Creams.

04 Scar Massage.

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Surgical Scar Revision:

This surgical procedure may opt by our surgeons when there is a chance of infection, wounds are opened after being stitched over to heal.

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Skin wrinkles

Age Spots


Laser Treatment Option:


Laser device

Surgical scar revision

Non-surgical options





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