Unwanted Hair

Few Reasons, Surgical Procedure, Procedure or treatment, Duration, Technology and Facilities.

Unwanted hair growth makes you dejected and annoyed when you go out or attend any party, which makes you a shameful gesture for others.

What do we offer you for hair removal?

01 Laser treatments.

02 Precision surgical expertise.

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03 Innovative solutions for pigmented skin.

What are Hirsutism problems?

Excessive growth of body and facial hair like a male pattern especially this problem found in women that are called Hirsutism.

What is the cause for it?

There are many reasons but the common reason is that when in the female body there are excessive male hormones called androgen increase.

Few Reasons are:

Intake of medicines like hormones (infertility), steroids, oral contraceptive pills, cyclosporine, etc, which is called Idiopathic Hirsutism.

Surgical Procedure:

The laser beam here is used to treat Hirsutism and other unwanted hair problems on the face, legs, arms, chest, breasts, abdomen, underarms, and bikini area.


The laser beam passes through the skin first, then it will pass through melanocytes (pigment cells) which are present more in the hair roots.

How is hair removal with laser and light treatment conducted?

Hair removal with laser and light treatment works wonders by targeting the pigment in unwanted hair.

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Mostly it can take 5 minutes to a few hours. Soprano ICE Platinum – A laser hair removal device is used here to eliminate whole body hair removal in just 4 hours.

The expenses of full body laser hair removal cost in Chennai may vary depending upon the area you just going to be treated.


01 Cost Affordable.

02 State-of-the-art technology and ambiance.

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03 Experienced doctor’s dermatologist certified.

Our Doctors:

If you are searching for Unwanted body hair removal in Chennai, then Our clinic is best of all in offering comprehensive and customized hair removal treatment to all those hair problems.

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