Velashape Treatment in Chennai

Everyone is now becoming style cautious; therefore, they need to trim their body through a method called Velashape.

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This unique method of contouring a body gives a tone-shapely structure to the highly fatty body by making them slim and trim.

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VelaShape is a non-intrusive body-shaping method used to reduce the appearance of cellulite found in the targeted areas of the thigh, buttock, and abdominal fat.

About the VelaShape

The methods are clinically tested and FDA-approved. To get effective results 5 or more sessions may be needed. The process is very simple do not need any downtime after the procedure is completed.

Frankly saying VelaShape does not come under weight loss treatment. It is a method that is combined using technologies to contour your body.

Is a VelaShape treatment right for me?

* Neck * Under the chins * Arms * Thighs * Buttocks * Flank * Abdomen

Targeted Areas

When This Velashape Treatment Is Applied Over The Breast, It Lifts Them And Removes The Sagging. It Is A Method Of Face Lifting And Reducing Sagging Neck.


What does the Treatment Offer?

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* How does It work? * Infrared Light * Bi-Polar Radio Frequency Energy * Vacuum



The Velashape treatment in Chennai is done here at Soul Skin Clinic under strict supervision by an experienced physician. The treatment is simple and non-invasive.

How is Velashape Treatment performed?

- It Is Non-Invasive And Does Not Need Any Downtime. - Many Individuals Praise How Relaxing The Treatment Is. - Within Four Weeks, You Can See Benefits.

What is the benefit of Velashape?


Our skin specialist in Chennai here at Soul Skin Clinic suggests having this VelaShape procedure weekly for four to six weeks. The final touch is done after a few months.

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